Vattakanal, offbeat Paradise in Kodaikanal for HoneyMooners

November 22, 2018

Do you want to get detached from the daily life schedule and get lost loving, caressing each other then Vattakanal is the best place to be.

Vattakanal is a beautiful hill-station near to the more famous Kodaikanal. It is considered as the sister of Kodaikanal, lying just 4km away. Vattakanal is actually famous among hippies backpackers all around the globe especially from Israel.We Tripjodi visited Vattakanal just after the Okchi strom on our Avukkutan (Bajaj Avenger Cruise)

The way from Coimbatore to Vattakanal was itself a great experience. We passed through famous Palani temple, the roads were all zig zag and after every hairpin bend the alluring valley view was getting more and more thrilling, as an icing on cake, the climate was were superb with thick mists and rain drizzling .

Things to do in Vattakanal

Like most of the other hill stations you do not have to rent/hire a taxi/scooter to see different places. All the attractions lie in walkable distance.
Some of the interesting things that couple can do in Vattakanal.

1) Stay at Wood Houses :

For couple a safe stay is a matter of constraint, so was it for us. There are few resorts and one among them is the Woodhouse inside a pear farm . This resort is present between pear tree farm with beautiful wooden cottages, the view from balcony is marvelous. We sat for hours watching how beautifully the sky colour and white moving clouds are giving a spectacular color to the valley.

Its really amazing to spend few days in those wooden cottages with your better half with no one to disturb  and the view of sun rays kissing the horizon is an ever lasting memory ( there is no proper network in the resort )

2) Dolphin nose point :

Near to Shafa Resort there is a trek trail path of 30 minutes that leads to one of the famous attractions of Vattakanal , The Dolphin nose point. It got its name as it has a rock extend ending outward of the mountain edge that resembles the dolphin’s nose.

If you area adventurous couple just like us then standing on the edge of Dolphin nose rock is something that shouldn’t be missed.

3) Eco Rock :

Going ahead in the same trek trail for 8 minutes you will reach the Eco point from where you can see a majestic cliff and a valley view.

As the name indicates, shout out your loved ones name and hear the cliff repeating it back.

4) Vattakanal Waterfalls :

There are very few waterfalls that not only look amazing but are safe to go near and play in. Vattakanal waterfall is one such waterfall.

As it was just after the rain that we visited, hence could witness the waterfall streaming at its full fledged.

5) Romantic Cliff:

Just a five minutes’ walk in between the pine forest from the Shafa resort is an oval end of a cliff from where we can see kodaikanal floating on white flowing clouds and blue sky above.

Notes :
*There are network issues. Your phone may not work , and this makes Vattakanal a getaway
*Its very cool at night and drizzling can occur any time so have umbrellas/raincoat/sweaters with you.
*You don’t have to pay for any tickets in any of the above mentioned view points.
*Be careful when you are visiting, as it is not a commercialized places. The view points are not enclosed with any kind of fence and there is no security man to warn.
*Spotting a wild Bison is a common thing, so be aware of it

Location :

How to Reach : you can get public transport till Kodaikanal. Vattakanal is completely disconnected, hire a cab from Kodai to reach Vatta.

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