Shafa Resorts Wood House

Shafa Resorts and wood house is one the best brand in kodaikanal offering a complete holiday experience.

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Shafa Resorts Wood House

A short stretch into the woods should ideally lead into the silent estate. But that is not the case, because hidden in the dark and silent canopy of pears and towering trees lays a resort which has merged itself into the beautiful landscape. Its inhabitants are enthralled by its distinguished wild visitors which includes the awesome bison’s and the all so beautiful birds which hover around in different colors and sizes.

Wood Cabins provides the opportunity of living in the lap of nature. The cottages, built out of wooden interiors provide you a luxurious blend of comfort and exotic natural ambience which makes your dream vacation a reality. So, come-on, take that vacation you have kept aside for so long and visit us. We promise the vacation of your life!